Every trader should use CandleTime.

CandleTime tells you when the next Bar will come.

It’s free, easy and very useful.




You know that most trading strategies are based on the last CLOSED bar. So you have to enter a trade WHEN THE BAR IS CLOSING.

This simple yet powerful expert shows you the time remaining before the current candle closes.

So you can prepare yourself a few moment before. When the Candle closes, you’re set and ready to click (or not) to enter a position. No stress.


In its current form, CandleTime is quite simple. It prints the time remaining.


  • Next bar in: 34s
  • Next bar in: 59s
  • Next bar in: 01:23
  • Next bar in: 14:10
  • Next bar in: 1:10:02
  • Next bar in: 3d 12:45:30


I want it to be Better. No, I mean, I want it to be the best to do the job!

Please tell me what do YOU want I add:

  • alarming
  • set the time left on the chart
  • add colors
  • add other timeframes
  • fix bugs
  • ??

I’ll add features for free and release it on the Market.


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